Food is storytelling through flavor and experience. Whether you grew up eating bento or you are discovering teishoku for the first time, to enjoy Japanese cuisine is to travel through centuries of culture and tradition.

But to preserve our past, we must protect our planet’s future. Gohan Station prepares its authentic food from locally-sourced ingredients.

Inventive and delicious meets sustainable.

We aim to honor our heritage as we serve Seattle a unique take on the food that tells our stories. Thank you for taking this journey with us.


– Taichi & Brian

Dominic Scott

Taichi Kitamura

Born in Kyoto to a family of restaurateurs, Taichi has always been at home in the kitchen. Inspired by his childhood in Kyoto and his fascination with aquatic life, he decided to become a sushi chef. At 16, he came to Lynwood High School as an exchange student and stayed on to earn his bachelor’s degree with a focus on international studies from Seattle University. And then his mastery of the kitchen began.

Trained by his mentor Shiro Kashiba, Taichi worked at I Love Sushi before starting Chiso in Fremont in 2001. Later, with partner Steve Tamura, he founded renowned Sushi Kappo Tamura in 2010. A three-time James Beard Award nominee for Best Chef – Northwest over the past decade, his approach to cuisine has stood the test of time. Gohan Station is his latest creation, inspired in part by his deep love of casual Western dining. When he’s not busy running the show in the kitchen, Taichi lives and fly fishes in north Seattle with his wife, daughter and Jack Russell Terrier.

Dominic Scott


Born and raised in food-loving Seattle, it’s no surprise that Brian was called to its culinary scene. But he entered the culinary world through a different door: after studying philosophy at Occidental College and receiving his Masters of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, he spent years living abroad in Thailand and Spain (where he also fine-tuned his flamenco guitar skills). Brian’s formal training in architecture and sustainability led to his interest in creating restaurants that contribute to the community and world around them. His Humble Pie pizzeria in the International District is a nod to his Italian heritage that has been recognized for its outstanding, sustainably-prepared dishes as well as the ecologically-friendly environment in which they’re served. At Gohan Station he pays homage to his Japanese ancestry, recreating the thrill he experienced at discovering its cuisine on his first visit, within another environmentally-conscious space he personally designed and built. If you’re out hiking, look for him – he often takes to local trails to forage for many of the mushrooms and wild edibles served at his restaurants.

Dominic Scott


A native of Hawaii, Kevin graduated from Seattle University, where he studied photography. After years in the corporate world he decided to follow his passion into the kitchen. He began honing his skills at Seattle staples including Fuji Sushi, Humble Pie, and Seattle Fish Guys, and over time his dedication and experience has made him a culinary master. Outside of work he still loves photography and enjoys hiking and exploring the wide world of food.

Dominic Scott


After graduating from Seattle University with a degree in English Literature, Joanna began her hospitality career at well-known local venues including Mox Cafe, Luc, and Humble Pie. Her teams know her for natural leadership, professionalism, and generosity, and our patrons recognize her friendly smile when they arrive. Her combination of industry expertise and innate people skills make her a tremendous asset to our team. In her free time, Joanna enjoys making art, PC gaming, and learning computer programming.


our vision

Fine Dining experience

Gohan Station takes our responsibility as an environmental steward seriously. We are committed to our local Seattle community and are constantly seeking new ways to support local food organizations, minimize our footprint, and encourage our customers to join us in positively impacting the world around us.


Sourced from local farms and fisheries. Some locally foraged ingredients.


Tables and Walls built from 100% Forest Stewardship Council sustainable maple wood from Oregon.


100% high efficiency LED lighting run on daylight and occupancy sensors, ensuring we never use electricity when we don’t need it


100% Energy Star certified appliances. Highest possible efficiency modern heating and cooling system


100% wind powered electricity in partnership with Cascadia Energy


Partnerships with numerous community nonprofits and organizations


the environment is literally growing:

Gohan Station’s rooftop vegetable garden is coming in Spring 2021.